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Papercraft: A Cheap, Addicting Hobby

I recently stumbled across an amazing hobby called papercraft.  Apparently this has been around since the early 20th century and I am told that a form of paper modeling was popular among kids during World War II because paper was one of the few things not heavily regulated.  The internet has given papercraft wings in the new age because templates are easily uploaded, shared, and printed.  The complexity of paper models on the internet range from a simple 3D cube to a scale model of the starship Enterprise.

Cool beans, right?

Cardstock paper, a printer, scissors, a precision knive, and glue.  That’s all you need to make papercraft toys.  You simply download the template and start cutting.  It’s hella easy and hella fun.

My son starts homeschool this week.  I am so proud of my wife for taking on the responsibility of teaching our kid during the day.  With over 26 weeks in the curriculum (ABC Jesus Loves Me), we start this week with the letter A.

Shari found a papercraft alphabet that is perfect for teaching kids the alphabet.


Due to the cutting nature of these projects, I don’t recommend letting your kids in on the fun unless they are older and understand how to handle sharp objects.  There are simpler projects out there that only require scissors and are more suited for the younger crowd.


You don’t have to be perfect, but it helps to cut a semi-straight line.  This is a skill I don’t come by naturally.

By the way, ‘A’ is always for Astronaut.


When all is said and done, you should end up with a handsome looking figurine.  I hope it makes my son’s lesson a little bit more fun.

A word of caution: even though it’s made of cardstock and put together with the indefatigable Elmer’s Glue, it should be handled with care.  My 2 year old took a Storm Trooper figurine I made and turned it into a paper ball.  I guess as a toy, it works on multiple levels.

Papercraft rocks!

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