‘Tis [Always] the Season

The second I step into the house, my son’s bare feet are pitter-pattering to the door. He flings his arms wide and yells, “Da…!” or “Dat!” or “Daddtheee”, or some combination of those. My beautiful wife is usually right after him with a sweet kiss and a hug. I love coming home to my family and I want it to be pleasant for them when I come home.

Even in the hot Summer months, or the dreary winter months (post-Christmas), a dad should always be willing to get on the floor with his kid, make a few funny faces, and play. Play on your kid’s terms, not on yours. Shrug off the worries of work and let your family know that you are now completely there for them.

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2 thoughts on “‘Tis [Always] the Season

  1. Mom Henson says:

    I love to see the wonderful dad you’ve become!

  2. shari says:

    he only talks about you all day! we LOVE when you come home. you are the very bestest.

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